FAILURE / SATOSHI TAKAMATSU / 全ての訓練を完了した。私は何者でもなかった。 / 髙松 聡|初個展 / 2020年9月4日[金]-27日[日] 11:00-19:00[定休日 月曜] / SPACE FILMS GALLERY
髙松 聡,SATOSHI TAKAMATSU,写真, 写真展,個展
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髙松 聡

Born in 1963 (53 years old) from Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture. Graduated from University of Tsukuba with a degree in basic engineering.
Worked in the sales bureau for 16 years after joining Dentsu, and changed to the creative bureau at the age of 38.
In 2005, he left Dentsu and founded Creative Agency GROUND.
As a representative director and creative director, he was in charge of many brands.

Received numerous Grand Prix and Gold Awards at international advertising awards such as Cannes Advertising. Judge and Jury Chairman also served as president. In 2001, the world’s first space location commercial was realized at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Pocari Sweat. We planned a “NO BORDER” campaign that seeks for a world without space, and dared to shoot at Red Square, Iran, Caba, and the Space Station. It was linked with Mr.Children’s anti-war song “Tagatame”.
In the “FREEDOM” campaign, the world’s first attempt was made to carry out “a project to simultaneously produce animation movies and commercials” together with Japanese animation masters Katsuhiro Otomo and Hikaru Utada. The campaign, which has the theme of “freedom” for humankind in the future society, has gained strong support from teens and 20s despite its rigid theme.

He also chaired and planned the world’s first FIFA-certified public viewing at the National Stadium at the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup. With the idea of “purchasing” public viewing rights from FIFA, the first public viewing without legal problems was mobilized, mobilizing more than 200,000 people to the National Stadium.
Declared retirement from the advertising world in 2014.

January 2015. As a Japanese civilian, he announced that he will start astronaut training in Russia’s “City of Stars” to become the first ISS (International Space Station) qualified astronaut. Completed all training as a backup for singer Sarah Brightman and signed a flight contract with the ISS. Planned to fly between 2018 and 2019. The ISS plans to carry out an art project on space.